Local Reviews

Don't be deceived by the no-frills storefront or the simple decor, Little Pat's might be small on "fluff" but they are BIG on great food!

Also be aware that they are a popular local joint, so on the weekends they tend to be quite busy. Plan to arrive a little early in case you have to wait a few minutes for a table. Weekdays are not quite as pressed, and even on the weekends the wait is much shorter by late morning.

The food, sort of an American cafe' diner style of fare, is definitely generous in portion size and very well cooked as far quality. Their Teriyaki beef skewers with eggs for breakfast are to die for, and the hash browns are always crispy with not too much grease. Coffee is always hot, the simple old-fashioned drip variety, and you will find real half-and-half in a small pitcher on your table.

The service is speedy and I have always been greeted by a friendly server who was able to answer any questions I might have about the menu. They even remembered to make my toast extra dark and put the butter on the side at my request.

During the dinner hour, they have a great salad bar. Now, don't think that you will find a mile long case filled with exotic vegetables from far away lands...this is a simple salad bar containing the normal home-style goodies, plus a couple fresh fixin's of their own (Where can you find fresh carrot and raisin salad anymore??). The salad bar is clearly well-maintained and sanitary, an important consideration in today's world.

  • Be advised, Little Pat's does NOT serve alcohol, so if you are looking for a meal accompanied by your favorite glass of wine or an iced cold beer, you might be disappointed. But if you are looking for great food at a great price cooked by great people in a great community, you find Little Pat's to be doing a great job!
  • Little Pat's also accepts only cash and/or checks...NO credit or debit cards. So plan ahead and visit the local ATM on your way. Or maybe be prepared to wash dishes?

Little Pat's is located at:
13611 Ambaum Blvd SW
Burien, WA 98166
(206) 246-0391

You will find ample parking in the lot right outside, and additional on-street parking if the lot happens to be full.  Enjoy your visit to Little Pat's!