Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The fresh bread rebellion

I have been asked many times, “Why go to all the hassle of baking bread when it’s so easy to just buy it at the grocery store?” My answer is very simple with just a hint of rebellion: “Because I can”. With most foods, fresher means better…the same is true of bread. I try to use locally produced ingredients as much as possible, from the flours produced by west coast grain farms to honey produced by local bees. The result is high quality, flavorful bread without the additives commonly found in commercially produced breads. Nothing flashy, just a simply excellent product.

But how is that “rebellious”, you might ask? That too, is very simple.

In our society, “fitting in” is highly prized. Our modern methods, the “new and improved” ways of doing things can cause older, more traditional methods to be lost over time as we move toward a cookie-cutter style of living. Just ask anyone under the age of thirty how to go about making butter from cream, or how to tell when a lump of bread dough is ready for the oven. These are examples of only two skills that used to be common knowledge in every home. But now we rely on the “professionals who know what they’re doing” every day to produce these things for us, so as a society we are forgetting how to do them at all.

This is where the rebel rises.

This is where I choose instead to purposely keep those older skills alive and then pass them on to others who are interested. This is where I choose to offer to my community something as simple as the fresh homemade bread my own family enjoys. Simplicity Rebel Bread comes from our own kitchen in our very ordinary home…simple, yet with that independent streak that says, “I can do it myself”. Thank you for the privilege of sharing it with you, as together we keep the tradition of fresh-baked bread alive!


  1. Everyone loves your bread and appreciates you taking the time to do it right. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you, Darlene! It is truly a joy. :)

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